New features released

June 19, 2017

LATO released new features:

  • Keep yourself up to date with proceedings and issues with News Feed – earlier in mobile app praised now also in web app. Be up-to-date, follow proceedings, comment and give your inputs and learn from others.
  • More intuitive and efficient Goal Editor – create, copy, cascade and edit goals faster and easier with more versatile and intuitive Goal Editor. For power users we added for example whole organization filtering view, “copy and cascade” feature, goal chain filter and more straighforward goal creation and cascading.
  • More intelligent management process email reminders to save your valuable time to more important LATO communications automation is improved. Do your have regular weekly, bi-weekly or quarterly meetings? Tune your own automated LATO reminders accurately with your timing cycles and policies what to when. Mature your leadership routines for example by sending bi-weekly reminders with to-dos before management team meetings.
  • Push alerts form own goals and actions – we want to make sure you do not miss anything important on your agenda. LATO released a compact push notifications view which lists goals/actions where you got assigned, new comments and due date related alerts.
  • 2 Factor Authentication available now – harden your access policy and utilize SMS based second factor to authenticate more securely.
  • More flexible summing up KPIs – create a perfect mix own different KPI-types in multilevel goal chains not compromising consolidated goal value sum ups from below units and parallel goals.
  • Action plan average progress as goal KPI – now you may choose to use goal’s action plan average progress as goal primary progress KPI. Whenever Goal’s actions responsible update their individual actions’ progress goal KPI gets updated automatically.
  • Due day for actions – Monthly level is good enough to manage the big picture in many cases but if you need an exact due day option is now available.
  • More usability and speed to LATO-powered team meetings – we created more speed and convenience in main funtions that are used during the importants meetings. Make updates and new corrective action plans easier in your LATO powered board, management and team meetings.