LATO implementation packages

The usage of LATO Strategy Tool starts with a 6-month or 12-month pilot period. In order to make sure that every customer can easily find the most suitable implementation model, we have standardized three implementation packages of different sizes.

All packages include needed trainings, implementation workshops for units, support for key user and usage of the tool for agreed period.



Entry package

  • 5950 € / 6 months
  • Technical setup
  • 1 * Key user training
  • 2 * Implementation workshop
  • Max 20 users for 6 months
  • Email support for key user
  • Max 2 organisation layers
  • 2 * KPI metric types
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Enterprise strategy platform

  • Starts at 22.500€ / 1 year
  • Technical setup
  • 1 * Key user training
  • Custom roll out plan
  • Custom roll out plan
  • Unlimited number of users for 12 months
  • Custom support model
  • No limits for organisation layers
  • 5 * KPI metric types
  • Intelligent consolidating metrics
  • Own branding and terminology
  • SSO
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After the piloting period, customer may continue using LATO with a monthly SaaS fee. Monthly fee is based on the number of active LATO users and is invoiced every six months. Please feel free to ask us more about our pricing!

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