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We are hiring

June 19, 2017

Sales Manager

Is strategy your mother tongue? Are you a passionate B2B sales professional or aiming to be one? Do you turn prospects into satisfied customers through demonstrating business benefits? Feeling confident in front of Management Team members?

If you said ‘yes’ multiple times you might be the talent we are looking for.

How would you contribute to our strategy?

We want to grow. For us, growth means: 1) Acquiring new customers in Finland 2) Keeping our existing customers satisfied and encouraging them to expand usage 3) Expanding our business to selected new markets 4) Developing our inbound marketing.

You will play a critical role in completing the above-listed goal number one. In addition, you are expected to contribute to goals 2-4.

How would your performance be measured?

Number of new customers is your most important lagging KPI (you know or can find out the difference between lagging and leading KPI, right?). Other lagging KPIs that we might want to follow include e.g. ‘Customer lifetime value’, ‘Number of inbound leads’ and ‘Churn’.

What would you have to do to reach your targets?

  • Be determined enough to call, email and call again to reach decision-makers
  • Discuss with CEO/CFO/CxO/Strategy director about their challenges in strategy execution, convince them about LATO’s benefits and close the deal
  • Identify, contact, establish cooperation and manage reseller partners
  • Plan and execute outbound marketing
  • Participate in development and content creation of inbound marketing

Skill set that you need to possess:

  • Must-have’s
    • Attitude, curious mind and organized way of working
    • Capability to strategic level discussions
    • Guts to call and negotiate with C-suite executives
    • Passion for sales
    • Plenty of positive energy
    • Diginative or able to learn the tools and processes rapidly
    • Fluency in English and Finnish
  • A mixture of these skills will be beneficial but not mandatory
    • Good understanding of strategy process
    • Experience of business controlling
    • Existing network of CxO level leaders
    • Solution sales skills
    • Understanding of SaaS business
    • Working knowledge of how to use inbound marketing / social selling in new business development

What can we offer?

We offer you a genuinely interesting and challenging position with plenty of growth opportunities. You will be surrounded by a friendly, supportive and easy-to-work-with team, and you will join them as an equal member in the journey towards internationalization. Along the journey, you will have a chance to refine and develop further your sales, marketing, business development and strategy skills. Furthermore, you will get to meet lots of interesting people and grow your professional network. Compensation will be fair, and adjusted in line with your growing skills.

If this sounds like you, please let us know how you can help us by sending your application (with salary expectation) and CV to by the 6th of July.

Interviews of potential candidates will begin right away.

For more information, contact:

Teemu Möykkylä

Director Sales



March 22, 2017

LATO team is at your service in CEBIT 2017

Need to execute your strategy faster and make the whole process more transparent? Does your business plan seem to be stuck and not move forward as planned? Are the people in your organization lacking direction or motivation?

If you answered yes to any of the 3 questions then meet us in CeBIT 2017 between 20-24th in Hannover, Germany.

Many of our happy customers can testify how LATO enabled them to remove routine tasks and free up the time to focus on the aspects of leadership that really matter.

Wish to see you in CeBIT, we will be in Hall 11, Stand B40/4!

Cornelia (on the left), Juho (behind the camera) and Teemu (on the right) are showcasing LATO service that gives you all the tools to digitize your plans to ensure they are executed as intended.


LATO at CeBIT 2017

February 15, 2017


Need to execute your strategy faster and make the whole process more transparent? Does your business plan seem to be stuck and not move forward as planned? Are the people in your organization lacking direction or motivation?

If you answered yes to any of the 3 questions then meet us in CeBIT 2017 between 20-24th in Hannover, Germany. We are showcasing LATO service that gives you all the tools to digitize your plans to ensure they are executed as intended.

Many of our happy customers can testify how LATO enabled them to remove routine tasks and free up the time to focus on the aspects of leadership that really matter.

Hope to meet you in CeBIT, we will be in Hall 11, Stand B40/4!

New LATO’s mobile app version is out

November 4, 2016

Lead, communicate, follow-up and update strategic proceedings with new LATO Mobile App version. We have made the App even easier and must-have tool for any business user. New version (iOS, Android) highlights:

  • Get faster to the point – launch own goals and short term actions view immediately as default. For board member we present organization top goals immediately for review
  • Create action plans for goals on the fly and edit all actions data in the phone
  • Swipe fast between main navigation sections – Newsfeed, Goals, Actions, People, Reports
  • See/filter high priority goals or actions with one click
  • Review your team members goals and actions in a new way
  • Main navigation sections always available at new bottom navigation
  • New visuals for more comfortable user interface

Example view from LATO Mobile App

Blog: Modern leadership is a team sport, big egos need no longer apply

September 14, 2016

Timtimo_brunso Bruns

One of my previous work experiences include working in a startup with only 4 people. Many good and not so good stories I could tell, but my most vivid experience is about how we never used the word ‘I’ in any context when we worked. As with many startups where speed is fast and control is often good enough but at times less than it should have been, we made many mistakes along the way. And that’s fine, you are supposed to, and fail fast to succeed sooner is a great modus operandi as you constantly make adjustments and keep the momentum going.

When one of us did something great, it was always ‘we’. When someone stumbled and made a mistake it was never ‘me’ or ‘you’, but always ‘we’, regardless of what had happened and who had done it. This taught me one of the most valuable leadership principles that I try to pass on – when you lead, never rise above others, but always act as a team.

This principle is becoming more and more prevalent each day as workforce is gradually getting younger and old school ways of working no longer work. Telling is out, convincing and selling is in. As part of this principle it is crucial that people in the organization get to define their own work, adding motivation and energy way beyond what because I say so can accomplish. More and more of the work definition needs to be shifted to teams, yet at the same time we should not lose sight of the big picture, i.e. strategy, giving us the overall direction and meaning to our work.

Striking a balance between the ‘plan’ and the ‘doing’, called the execution gap, can and often will be the Achilles heel of executing the strategy, and this is where Leadership Automation tools (LATO) can help. With LATO you can make a clear division of labor between defining the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, enabling the right kind of energy to allow the teamwork to flourish and at the same time downsizing the egos so they stop shadowing others.

If you managed to read this far then do get in touch with us to find out how LATO can put the word ‘team’ into your leadership game!

New LATO features introduced

September 14, 2016


  • Renewed Setup Wizard for new LATO setups includes intuitive steps to setup LATO ready for your team faster
  • Email reminders/notifications: Activate recurrent LATO email reminders or communicate LATO users on ad hoc basis.
  • Add goals more intuitively: “Add goal” button is available at top navigation all the time for the users who can add goals.
  • First board specific use case: Specify board users and provide them own landing page to review overall goals in first page instead of showing them first personal goals.
  • Free text goal progress update: Use “No goal” KPI-type to allow free text progress updates.
  • Sum-up chained KPI target and achieved values from sub goals: “Chain goals” feature is available with Min-Max KPI type. Calculates automatically sums of sub goals values to upper level (e.g. sales areas).
  • Sum-up parallel goals KPIs: You may like to sum up goals’ KPIs together between same level goals. “Parallel goals” feature is available Min-Max (baseline-target) KPI type (e.g. calculate total sales from new sales, project sales and customer farming sales goals).
  • Single Sign On (Add On Option): With Single Sign On LATO web tool usage would not require username and password to login LATO. SSO would use your organization Active Directory (ADFS2.0) or corresponding identity provider to check whether user is allowed to login and use LATO.
  • Forget/reset password link: Renew forgot password using forget password link from login page. LATO will send the user a link where to renew password for user that has valid password, is active and has already used LATO earlier. ln addition LATO admin can sent a reset password request to a user.
  • “Add team” functionality: Use easier and faster function to add team members into LATO. Use Add team function from User dashboard.
  • New user account delivery process: Prepare user profiles and share LATO user account activation links through email to end users. User dashboard is updated to enable sharing user accounts.
  • Pre-defined default user role/privilege sets: Use pre-defined user roles to set users’ privileges faster and in more uniform way.


Read here why Delete Group uses LATO

August 24, 2016

Delete Group’s leadership into full speed with LATO

Delete, a Finnish Group specializing in environmental services implemented LATO tool for their 2016 strategy process in its business units in Finland and in Sweden. Now LATO is being used in the Board work as well as on the operational level. The new tool gives transparency, simplifies the strategy reporting and speeds up the business line management.


– Our business leaders have noticed how LATO supports and speeds up the line management and leaves more time for leading the actual business in our fast moving operating environment. We now have the whole group data stored in one central place and we have more visibility to the implementation of strategy, she concludes, Janika Vilkman, the General Councel at Delete says.

Read the entire case here>>

Juho Lipsanen is the new LATO CEO

August 1, 2016

LATO Board has nominated Juho Lipsanen as the CEO starting August 1, 2016. Juho Lipsanen is a Co-Founder of LATO and he continues also as the Chairman of the Board. Lipsanen has a solid background in developing both established international companies as well as companies in the stage of growth.

– LATO has now grown from the startup phase to the next level and shows strong growth in big companies. The secure LATO Cloud and LATO Mobile create an excellent platform for domestic and global growth, Juho Lipsanen says.

Onni Matti Manninen has been nominated as the Vice President, Products and Services. – LATO secures and speeds up strategy execution. Our target is to make strategy and KPI implementation easier, cheaper and faster also to small and mid sized companies, Onni Matti Manninen tells.

Erno Launo has been nominated as the Vice President, Head of Sales. – LATO solves a global problem in executing and measuring strategy execution cost efficiently in real time. 95% of strategy is execution, Erno Launo says.

LATO automates and eliminates routines in leadership work and creates a structure to agile strategy execution. LATO Leadership Automation Tools Oy is established in 2014 and the company has more than 50 customers including first customer in the US Fortune 500 group. LATO reseller in Finland is Rdigo Oy and Sebastian & Partner AG in German speaking DACH region.

LATO is now available on the Oracle Cloud platform

June 7, 2016


LATO is now available also on the Oracle Cloud PaaS (platform as service) platform. Oracle Cloud architecture meets the requirements LATO’s customers set for data security, stability and scalability.

The winners in the highly competitive business environment are the companies who manage to execute their strategic plans more effectively than the competitors and who follow their own success closely, adapting to changes in the operating environment. LATO Strategy Tool offers a new kind of digital, transparent, interactive and easy-to-use tool for strategy execution, now also on the Oracle Cloud PaaS –platform.

– Our software is designed to solve a universal challenge. All organizations have a strategy or a business plan to implement. Our framework translates the words and numeric targets of the strategic plans into concrete tasks. LATO breaks the strategic themes into goals, sub goals and actions and shares the responsibility within the organization. Our tool makes follow up easy and status reporting becomes a matter of minutes, Onni Matti Manninen, LATO’s CEO says.


Press photo with Sales Director Jukka Soini from Oracle
(left) and Onni Matti Manninen, LATO

– We’ve seen strong growth during our first operating year, Manninen continues. – In addition to our home market expansion, we have signed our first customer deals also in our target markets abroad. When discussing with enterprises, we need to offer credible data security and scalability. Oracle service is a good match for us.

– Cloud services continue their extremely strong growth both in big and middle sized companies. I am happy to see that a young and innovative Finnish company like LATO can ensure their service’s performance, quality and data security for the growing clientele also globally, Ari Peltola, Country Leader Oracle Finland says.

– Oracle solution makes it possible for a start-up like us to offer a fully credible data security level with a reasonable investment, Manninen concludes.

For more information
LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd
Onni Matti Manninen, CEO
Mobile +358 40 900 0073

Oracle Finland
Ari Peltola, Managing Director
Mobile +358 40 5799027

Read our new user case Veho Oy Ab

May 6, 2016

Veho set off to a new strategy period supported by LATO

Veho, the leading Finnish car retailer has implemented LATO’s strategy execution and follow-up software. The company now has one common tool to ensure the transparency over the different business areas, as well as to support the leadership and communication.


– The main theme of our new strategy is “One Veho”. Staying true to this principle we can now direct and manage all business areas in one tool transparently. LATO is the method we use on all the forums, it is reviewed both in the Board meetings as well as in the Management team meetings and business areas’ Management teams, Veho’s CFO Anssi Räsänen says.

Veho strated with LATO in the beginning of the new strategy period in early 2016. In the past, each business area had had an own solution for monitoring the strategic objectives. Read the entire case here>>