User terms for  the websites of LATO Leadership Automation Tools ltd.

The user terms applied to the web pages of LATO Leadership Automation Tools ltd. follow the Finnish law.

General terms

The visitor should read these terms carefully before accesing the LATO Leadership Automation Tools ltd’s web services at www.latotools.com and www.latotools.fi. By visiting the sites the visitor agrees with these terms fully. The visitor should not enter the sites unless he or she accepts the terms described below.

The material on these web pages is aimed to be only informative. The content of the sites is delivered without any further commitment. LATO Leadership Automation Tools ltd. strives always to make sure that the content on these web pages is correct and up-to-date. LATO Leadership Automation Tools ltd. offers no warranty of any kind to the web pages. LATO Leadership Automation Tools ldt. has the right to update the content or close the web service down at any time.

LATO, LATO Strategy Tool and LATO Mobile are trademarks of LATO Leadership Automation Tools ltd.

Content provider and contact details

The content provider of these web pages is LATO Leadership Automation Tools ltd., registered at Hiilikatu 3, FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland.

Content provided by third parties on the web pages

The links on the LATO web pages are meant to be purely informative. LATO Leadership Automation Tools ltd. is not responsible for any content provided or published by a third party even though it may offer a link to such source from the website.

Leaving contact details on the www pages or sending email

The visitor should note that the privacy of emails sent through an open network cannot be guaranteed unless they are properly encrypted.

Immaterial rights

LATO Leadership Automation Tools ltd.’s web pages contain materials which are protected by copyrights. The ownership and the copyrights of these web pages as well as all immaterial rights belong to LATO Leadership Automation Tools ltd. All rights are reserved. Copying, publishing, moving or holding the content or parts of it without the permission from the owner is prohibited, however excluding the use of the information on the personal computer or when intedted to print for personal use. Copying, publishing or redelivering any of the copyright protected materials, such as logos or or trademarks is prohibited without written permission.

These terms were upated on December 12, 2015.

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