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LATO is a web and mobile software tool designed to support strategy execution and its main aim is to help align the strategic goals and actions throughout the organization.

Who imports the data into LATO?
LATO is a framework for strategy execution in your organization. After the initial setup is done, your team will create the content to LATO since they are the best experts on how to reach the critical goals. Your current strategy will set the main focus areas and your people starting from the Management team will create and insert the required goals and actions.

What is the relationship between strategic themes, goals and actions?
Strategic themes are the broad focus areas often expressed briefly with words. They could be very general such as growth, profitability, new markets or product development. In some companies’ vocabulary they are not themes but focus areas, strategic selections or must-win-battles, indicating to areas which are crucial to the success of the company.

Goals are more precise and concrete targets with detailed descriptions. They can be measured with different indicators such as done, not done, numeric limit values or numeric targets to be reached.  Goals do not necessarily have to be numeric, but they can be. The same themes or must-win-battles comprise goals in the entire company, but advancing them can produce completely different goals in different business units. For example, one BU needs to enhance profitability by 2% whereas the other needs to take a leap of 10%.

Actions are the most concrete activities or to-do’s in order to reach goals. One goal may have none, one or more actions. Actions together compile an action plan to reach the goal. Actions are always at someone’s responsibility and the goal  owner and the person responsible for the action may update them.

Does LATO offer strategy consultancy?
No, we do not offer traditional strategy consultancy. Instead, we help our customers import and create strategy and business plans into LATO tool in a well-structured way using themes, goals, KPIs and actions. We also help in setting the right management structure and roles for the execution process. Creating a LATO strategy one pager will help you crystallize your strategy and get a good start on successful execution.

How does LATO support internal communication?
LATO is a powerful communications tool when it is well aligned with the strategy process. The goals and actions can be shared directly from LATO, and their status and progress is reported there. No separate emails, powerpoints or excels are needed. When you follow the strategic activities in LATO, you can always also comment, discuss or call the persons directly related to any individual task.

Can I use LATO for project management?
LATO will support your project goals and actions and can act as a dynamic to-do list. You can follow-up on the project status and share responsibilities. However, LATO it is not  designed to maintain visual project timelines.

What is a typical reporting cycle in LATO?
The goal status data in LATO can be updated or monitored at any time, but the best practice is to agree a certain day in month when all the updates should be done. In many cases the strategy execution reporting schedule follows the cycle of other internal reporting.


How can I sign into LATO?
LATO offers a unique direct link to your company’s LATO access. Signing into LATO web tool requires a personal user ID and a password. If you use the LATO Mobile app, once you have downloaded the LATO Mobile app and signed in for the first time, the app opens directly from the icon on your device. If requested, LATO can offer an add on for multi-factor authentication requirements.

How can I get LATO user ID and password?
When you start using LATO we will open an account for your and create an initial user ID and password for the admin user.

How can I add users to LATO?
You can import users into LATO with CSV group import or add new users individually. Afterwards, for following and updating the user data LATO offers a dashboard showing all active LATO users in your organization.

What are the roles of LATO web tool and LATO Mobile app?
LATO web browser version is the primary channel for creating and maintaining the structure of strategic themes, goals and actions. As in most browser based software solutions, also LATO Mobile app is built to support the web tool use. LATO Mobile app is designed for updating the goals’ and actions’ statuses and informing about the latest developments. LATO Mobile app also presents an information feed of the latest updates on the starting page.

How long is the pilot period?
LATO’s pilot period is three months. The pilot includes a setup and a brief technical training for the key user. During the pilot period all the features are at use and the pilot involves a moderate cost.

How can I change from piloting to SaaS customer?
Moving from piloting to LATO SaaS customer does not require anything special. All your data is already in the system and you can continue using it bringing in more content or involve more users from your organization.

What are your pricing principles?
LATO is priced based on the number of users. The first step is 5 users and after that the next steps are 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500 users. You can decide if you wish to use only the LATO web tool or add the Mobile app. The monthly SaaS fees are invoiced biannually and upfront.

Does LATO support interfaces to other information systems?
LATO is designed to be a simple, central system for strategy execution data. It does not collect external data or require any imports. LATO users fill in their own goals and required actions and follow-up and report on them on self-service principles. You can attach documents or links to LATO, but the key data is given by the people in your team.


What are the system requirements?
All you need to use LATO is a relatively recent web browser. For the Mobile app several versions are available, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Do you maintain a backup of our data?
LATO saves backups of your data according to industry standards. In a shorter term data retrieval can be made from a given time stamp. Data handling user activities are logged and daily backups are available for 30 days. Your data is maintained in an Oracle database in a recognized hosting data center.

How safe is my data in LATO?
We take the security of your data extremely seriously and look after it in all possible ways. Data in transfer is encrypted with 256 bit SSL certification. Access to database is isolated and separated by a strict access control. LATO has a sophisticated user privilege management to allow or disallow data edit or access only to persons with approved  roles. We will never share your data with any third party unless requested by you for a specific reason.

What kind of support is available?
We help you get started by opening the customer environment and offering admin training. If you wish, we can make the roll-out together with you and offer user training to a wider group of users. After roll-out we provide help and support when needed. LATO is easy to use and administrate and does not have any specific system requirements. However, further process consulting and technical support is available at hourly rates always when needed.