Bring visibility to your strategy

The first step is to enter your strategic plan into LATO – selected focus areas, critical goals, and the actions needed to make them happen. Think of this as the big picture view of your strategy that will help align, share, and communicate your vision across your organization.

Easily share goals and actions

After you have the big picture all set, the responsible people will create related goals and actions and choose KPI's to follow them. Share them within the organization in easily done in LATO. The end result? Everyone knows exactly what they are responsible for.

Update your status

Updating LATO couldn't be easier. You see your own responsibilities on the start page and can update the status of achievements in just 5 minutes per month. You can also see team members’ updates and forecasts in real time – meaning that everyone always knows what is going on and managers can react immediately to any issues, helping ensure successful strategy execution.

Follow-up and adjust

LATO shows strategic themes and statuses on one page, updated in real time. You can see immediately which actions will succeed and which are failing, and can react with corrective actions. No more need to write separate memos, as new tasks can be updated and assigned directly with LATO.

Keep track on the go

The LATO mobile app lets you control and follow-up the status of your strategy and business goals on the go. It allows users to review, update, and comment on goal statuses, while managers can review team members' goals and actions as well as communicate and give feedback.

Self service takeoff

Do you have the right person with the right mindset and time to set up LATO? Can he or she also also support the other LATO users in your organization?

If so, we'll open a LATO environment for you and you will only need the initial admin training session to get started. Our customer support is always there to help you.

Supported start

Do you have a suitable person to lead the process but would like to have support in setting up and launching LATO internally?

We can offer support sessions for example for kick off and training, for building your strategic framework into the tool and for guiding the key people such as the Management team to use LATO.

Turn key launch

Do you have only limited time and personnel to assign for the LATO start?

We'll offer a dedicated person to fully set up the system for you, build your strategic plan into LATO and train the Management team and other users. We'll stay with you until you have the process running smoothly on a continuous basis.