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LATO new release1 / 2019 is ready

February 6, 2019

First LATO release of 2019 is out now. Major improvements are:

Improved Goal Review with fresh layout

  • Review overall and filtered content status and progress also with numbers

New “KPI UPDATES” KPI edit view with file update imports and exports

  • Make faster KPI updates from one view or update KPI from update files

New “ONE PAGE SETUP” to for easy LATO admin and setup

  • Setup LATO fast and create strategic plan from one page

Plenty of features and usability improvements

Kimmo Palmu – new LATO Chairman of the board

August 28, 2017

Experienced serial software entrepreneur and investor Kimmo Palmu has been appointed as the chairman of the board of LATO Leadership Automation Tools Oy Ltd. He has been specializing in scaling innovative software companies to profitable growth. He has sold his own previous companies to Tieto Oyj and Visma Group.  The latest company had over thousand corporate customers and half a million users in 22 countries.

LATO is a revolutionary mobile SaaS product that makes business plans happen. LATO increases the business success of its customers by providing easy-to-use mobile and SaaS apps. LATO gives wings and speed to faster business growth and helps people to meet their goals.  In the company LATO safeguards fast and professional strategy and business plan execution. ‘LATO has first international customers and I see very strong interest for digital leadership tools with world class UX’ says Kimmo Palmu.

Lato has over 50 customers with users in over 50 countries, from national to global, large and small companies and public organizations. Lato has currently operations in the Nordics and reaches its customers via partner network in Europe and in 2018 in the USA.

Blog: Get insurance for your Strategy / Timo Bruns

August 23, 2017

Majority of people take insurance policy for the things they hold important, or expensive, or both. House and car, for instance. Almost as many sensibly insure people, either themselves or their loved ones. Makes sense, right?

It strikes as obvious that when it comes to business, no insurance company would agree to insure your business performance, covering for those times when you did not reach your goals or meet your numbers. Even if you could convince someone to offer your insurance for the rainy day (or quarter), it would most likely be prohibitively expensive.

The next best thing to do is to increase your chances in executing as planned. What if you would be able see exactly how the goals are progressing at any given time? And if you could find a way to fuse workers daily jobs with those that drive the change defined in the strategy? What if employees would find it liberating to increase autonomy by defining the tasks themselves, and being able to report about the progress?

Those are all things that LATO tool can do for your business plans and strategy. Not an insurance policy as such, but a proven way of improving the odds, to your favor.

New LATO’s mobile app version is out

November 4, 2016

Lead, communicate, follow-up and update strategic proceedings with new LATO Mobile App version. We have made the App even easier and must-have tool for any business user. New version (iOS, Android) highlights:

  • Get faster to the point – launch own goals and short term actions view immediately as default. For board member we present organization top goals immediately for review
  • Create action plans for goals on the fly and edit all actions data in the phone
  • Swipe fast between main navigation sections – Newsfeed, Goals, Actions, People, Reports
  • See/filter high priority goals or actions with one click
  • Review your team members goals and actions in a new way
  • Main navigation sections always available at new bottom navigation
  • New visuals for more comfortable user interface

Example view from LATO Mobile App

New website

March 30, 2015

New LATO website in English opens today. The Finnish language version will follow shortly.