Valmet Corporation

Real-time view on must-win-battle status

Valmet follows its corporate level critical focus areas and related goals and actions in the LATO Strategy Tool.

Valmet’s Management Team defines the corporate level must-win battles which are then cascaded into initiatives and actions and assigned for execution to different line management organizations and business areas. LATO provides the framework and plays a major role in reporting and follow-up as well as in pointing out the need for a change in direction.

Tommi Roine from the Valmet Strategy Office sums up his view on the core benefits of the LATO Strategy Tool.


– The tool supports the cascading of goals and actions into our organization. It provides us with a full, transparent view on our must-win battles. We can coordinate the work between divisions, units and teams, Tommi Roine says.

– We have been able to simplify our reporting routines and save time and effort. We now have a continuous follow-up on work done, we see the agreed KPIs and outlooks given by responsible managers.

Together towards the common goals

According to Tommi Roine the strategy office and managers can now see the big picture all the time, not only in monthly meetings. The entire organization concretely works into one common direction. Valmet also combines the real-time status reports and management outlooks from LATO into the financial reporting data.

One of the process owners, Vice President of Business Development Markku Silenius confirms the organization has taken up using LATO well.

– We have automated strategy execution follow-up reporting with LATO.  If we would go back to the heavy document based reporting, there would be a riot, he says.


Valmet Corporation is a leading global developer and supplier of services and technologies for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet is a listed company and currently employs globally more than 10 000 professionals. Valmet’s net sales in 2014 were approximately EUR 2.5 billion. Learn more in the company website.