The Geological Survey of Finland

Channeling the key resources to the main goals

The Geological Survey of Finland, GTK, is a national research center operating under The Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The institute of over 550 specialists manages and follows their key goals’ progress in LATO Strategy Tool.

– The goal setting and reporting related to our yearly planning involves many people and takes up some time. It is important that we really benefit of this effort during the year, says Development Director Jarmo Kohonen at GTK.

When we implemented LATO Strategy Tool, our main goal was to have a full view based on a transparent follow-up system for all goals and initiatives of different units, Kohonen continues.In addition to the main operative goals GTK has a wide portfolio of initiatives and several financing sources setting their own challenges to the reporting and follow-up routines. Also, the main goals require different activities and time frames in different levels of the organization.

Goal-oriented expert organization

– Our organization is formed by experts. For us, the most important way to secure that we reach our main goals is to channel the key people resources to the most important activities.

– We wanted to have one common reporting system across the organization. However, different organizational levels have different requests for reporting. While as in the Management Team quarter is a suitable cycle, the unit’s ongoing initiatives are followed every month.

– We now have a remarkably simpler and easier reporting process. We can take out different views for different reporting levels from the same data and all the activities, goals and initiatives and their status is available in one central source.


The Geological Survey of Finland, GTK, is a European centre of excellence in assessment, research and sustainable use of earth resources. The mission is to produce and disseminate geological information for industry and society that promotes systematic and sustainable use of crustal resources and the national geological endowment. GTK’s research programmes are geared to creation of innovative technology and applications. Lear more at the GTK website.