Investment company Panostaja

Panostaja develops a portfolio of SMEs with LATO

Investment company Panostaja Oyj uses LATO to follow the overall owner strategy and the individual strategies of its portfolio companies. For the portfolio companies, in turn, LATO acts as a practical tool for strategy implementation and operational management. LATO provides a unified reporting both to the holding level management and well as to support the management of individual companies.


– LATO allows us to develop and follow all of our assets in an integrated manner, says Minna Telanne, Development Director from Panostaja. Seeing the overall picture of the strategic processes development in the portfolio companies is important. We are able to better anticipate and to take action if needed, she continues.

LATO supports the strategic and operational management

Panostaja’s active portfolio consists of 10 to 15 companies. As an owner, the company provides its subsidiaries with committed leadership, business knowledge and strategic insight.

– Our mission is to provide know-how and the best tools. To our portfolio companies LATO is a practical tool that ensures the realization of the chosen strategy and accelerates the development of business projects at the operational level, Telanne says.

– For example, when our subsidiary, Grano began with the consolidation of Multiprint operations, the team brought plans into LATO tool, and now the progress of the project is lead and monitored there, she continues.

Each subsidiary has its own projects which are at different stages, but now their follow-up method is uniform. LATO produces the control and reporting necessary for the owner level.


Panostaja Oyj is a listed investment company developing a portfolio of Finnish SMEs as an active majority shareholder. The aim is to bring Finnish entrepreneurship and enterprises forward. The company builds on committed management, solid business management skills and the best tools. Panostaja’s net sales were EUR 155 million EUR in 2014. Learn more in the company website.