Growth Leadership – Case Numeron

Numeron started LATO use in beginning of 2016. Behind the decision to start using the tool was strong growth and renewal of strategy. Also organization and leadership system were evolved to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Challenges with strong growth

Numeron had a challenge in having the strategy defined yet not being able to execute and follow up due to increased number of new clients and strong growth of revenue. To manage the big picture many meetings and a great deal of Powerpoint, Excel and email work was required.

Making leadership more effective and smooth

’Adopting LATO brought many positive benefits’, says Kari Haapakoski, Customer Director of Numeron. ‘Our focus has remained in the right things, and our use of time has become much more efficient. Breaking bigger goals into smaller steps and actions have made the whole process much more meaningful to everyone in the organization’.

’We use LATO in our management and team meetings. Followup and reporting has become much easier and faster, and we are able to react to changes significantly faster thanks to the tool’.

LATO will digitize goals and strategic projects, freeing much needed resources from routine tasks to more meaningful work.


Numeron WFM is a comprehensive solution for workforce management in demanding situations. In 2016 Visma Group became majority shareholder to support Numeron growth and expansion to international markets.