Case Ovenia

LATO helping Ovenia to structure and activate Strategy

Jonni round

Ovenia adopted LATO tool during 2016, as part of the need to be able to execute on the strategic plan. Previously execution had been monitored few times a year and now the aim was to ensure plan was translated into active day to day routines.

Next level for leadership culture

Ovenia’s Strategic Manager Jonni Ahonen, who had previously been working in Boston Consultancy Group, had a key role in adopting LATO and introducing new culture.

‘Ovenia did not previously have a tool like this, nor even a process. With LATO the experience of managing goals into smaller steps and following up was brought into the company’

’LATO challenged us to make our goals concrete, which is something we should have done anyway, but now became a necessity. Additionally it helped us to create a common vocabulary practices as well as decide what were the central elements in executing our strategy’.

LATO is being used today in Ovenia both in coordinating the strategy and managing some operative tasks. Among them is Risk management which is now incorporated into overall company goals. The new tool has harmonized company practices and introduced new efficiency and transparency into leadership.

Barrier to adopt LATO low

LATO has been systematically built so that different leadership needs and structures form a logical overall view that is easy to follow and adjust.

’Our challenge was that we have simultaneously evolved our leadership behavior and introduced a new tool to manage that. As the new way of working has emerged, it has been easy and straightforward to change the way we work with LATO to guide us.


Ovenia is a rapidly growing Finnish company. The Group consists of the parent company, Ovenia Group Oy and includes Ovenia Oy, offering commercial real estate management services, Ovenia Isännöinti Oy, providing residential property management services; and Realprojekti Oy, providing shopping centre management, property development expertise and consultancy. We operate nationally in 23 localities and employ over 500 real estate management professionals. We are an energetic and skillful group of people revitalising the entire real estate sector in Finland.