Blog: Get insurance for your Strategy / Timo Bruns

August 23, 2017

Majority of people take insurance policy for the things they hold important, or expensive, or both. House and car, for instance. Almost as many sensibly insure people, either themselves or their loved ones. Makes sense, right?

It strikes as obvious that when it comes to business, no insurance company would agree to insure your business performance, covering for those times when you did not reach your goals or meet your numbers. Even if you could convince someone to offer your insurance for the rainy day (or quarter), it would most likely be prohibitively expensive.

The next best thing to do is to increase your chances in executing as planned. What if you would be able see exactly how the goals are progressing at any given time? And if you could find a way to fuse workers daily jobs with those that drive the change defined in the strategy? What if employees would find it liberating to increase autonomy by defining the tasks themselves, and being able to report about the progress?

Those are all things that LATO tool can do for your business plans and strategy. Not an insurance policy as such, but a proven way of improving the odds, to your favor.