Month: March 2018

Blog: Minimum Viable Strategy / Timo Bruns

March 14, 2018

MVS – Minimum Viable Strategy

Many of you have heard the term MVP, especially in context with iterative, agile developments. MVP, Minimum Viable Product, is a way to accelerate time to get your new product to market by creating a new product/service that has just the bare minimum ingredients. Not so much to suggest that is all you need, but to maintain the focus on core functionality.

Could this same principle be applied to strategy? I think it can. Many times a strategy has become too big and too complicated, as everyone wants to contribute and all voices need to he heard. And not just that – different people have different maturity levels when it comes to understanding what strategy really is, often resulting a ‘smörgasbord’ strategy full of details and low probability of executing it properly.

What if instead we would take the learning from product development and use harsh prioritisation criteria in accepting items to be strategic? Not necessarily forgetting other things but giving them lower priority and ensuring success to the ‘if I can only have 4 things’ items that your company’s success depends on? When, and only when you have secured adequate focus and resources on the must have items you can selectively add other items while still making sure you are not overloading the plate.

After all, wouldn’t it be nice to have a strategy that feels like it is doable, adds energy to the team, and in the end of the day gets done, rather than becoming a constant source of concern?

We here at LATO have a way to prioritise your MVS by adding focus and visibility to your planning and execution. Do give us a call, we are happy to come and visit and show you how!