Month: June 2016

LATO is now available on the Oracle Cloud platform

June 7, 2016


LATO is now available also on the Oracle Cloud PaaS (platform as service) platform. Oracle Cloud architecture meets the requirements LATO’s customers set for data security, stability and scalability.

The winners in the highly competitive business environment are the companies who manage to execute their strategic plans more effectively than the competitors and who follow their own success closely, adapting to changes in the operating environment. LATO Strategy Tool offers a new kind of digital, transparent, interactive and easy-to-use tool for strategy execution, now also on the Oracle Cloud PaaS –platform.

– Our software is designed to solve a universal challenge. All organizations have a strategy or a business plan to implement. Our framework translates the words and numeric targets of the strategic plans into concrete tasks. LATO breaks the strategic themes into goals, sub goals and actions and shares the responsibility within the organization. Our tool makes follow up easy and status reporting becomes a matter of minutes, Onni Matti Manninen, LATO’s CEO says.


Press photo with Sales Director Jukka Soini from Oracle
(left) and Onni Matti Manninen, LATO

– We’ve seen strong growth during our first operating year, Manninen continues. – In addition to our home market expansion, we have signed our first customer deals also in our target markets abroad. When discussing with enterprises, we need to offer credible data security and scalability. Oracle service is a good match for us.

– Cloud services continue their extremely strong growth both in big and middle sized companies. I am happy to see that a young and innovative Finnish company like LATO can ensure their service’s performance, quality and data security for the growing clientele also globally, Ari Peltola, Country Leader Oracle Finland says.

– Oracle solution makes it possible for a start-up like us to offer a fully credible data security level with a reasonable investment, Manninen concludes.

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