Month: August 2015

LATO Convinced Investors – Now Heading for Growth and International Markets

August 25, 2015

LATO has introduced a mobile software tool to help companies ensure a concrete and fast strategy execution. Already five out of the top 30 companies in The Helsinki Stock Exchange have made a deal with LATO.

– We presented LATO in the SLUSH meeting last fall. The aim was to raise money from the Finnish capital investors to finance LATO’s growth and introduction to new markets. The negotiations proceeded fast since our background work was profound and the product is finalized and scalable. Also, our existing client list is convincing, tells Juho Lipsanen, Chairman of the Board from LATO.

Several organizations have already implemented LATO and for example Valmet Corporation uses LATO in global scale. LATO has customers also in the public sector. Currently the company is creating partnerships and opening distribution channels to selected European markets such as Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.

What is LATO?

LATO is a cloud tool with mobile application suitable for all industries. LATO helps the implementation and follow-up of the overall company strategy or it can be used for example to manage a single unit’s goals and activities.

– There has already for some time been several tools to support strategic planning, but the execution part has suffered from the lack of real-time web applications. The operative systems rarely genuinely support the execution’s goals and actions and the financial reporting systems offer information only of the past. The core of a successful strategy implementation is an efficient sharing of goals and actions and then a dutiful follow-up. There has been few tools to help with these challenges, Juho Lipsanen continues.

– You can’t automate the actual management work, but the routines can be streamlined. 95% of strategy is execution and this is where LATO helps. Our software works with all major mobile platforms allowing the management access via phones and tablets. Following the strategic activities becomes part of the everyday routines, highlights CEO Onni Matti Manninen.

In this phase, LATO raised capital form the Finnish ICT-sector private investors to accelerate growth and build distribution channels both locally and globally. The company has earlier received public funding.

– LATO has interesting and significant international potential. The software answers to a universal problem and has already gained attention abroad. There clearly is room in the market for a tool helping the Management Teams ensure strategy execution. LATO’s solution is fully scalable and can help all organizations in all countries, tells one of the investors, Markko Vaarnas from Takeoff Partners.

For more information:
Onni Matti Manninen, CEO
Tel. 040 900 0073, LATO Leadership Automation Tools Oy