Month: June 2015

A New LATO Distribution Partner in Switzerland

June 16, 2015

LATO follows its growth plan and opens new distribution channels to selected European markets.

– We are happy to announce a new partnership at the Swiss market. Sebastian & Partner AG is an experienced and highly focused company offering strategic consulting and operative support for companies on interim basis, tells Erno Launo from LATO.

– Their experience in corporate strategy implementation, business development projects and change management is a good match for LATO. Our LATO Strategy Tool is a practical aid for making strategy actually happen, and it complements many traditional operative and BI-systems. LATO organizes the strategic goals and activities systematically and efficiently and automates the follow-up and reporting, he continues.

– Elaborating a sound strategy may be a complex task, but executing it is often far more challenging. We support our customers to reach their strategic targets in less time. We also focus on the influence of corporate culture elements on overall performance. The cooperation with LATO enables us to introduce our customers to a tool-based new dimension in accelerated business strategy execution by really involving all hierarchy levels. We are excited about the new opportunities of adding value to our offering by introducing ease and fun to strategy steering and execution and on all organizational levels, says Cornelia Sebastian, the founder of Sebastian & Partner AG.

For LATO, Switzerland is an interesting market at the heart of established Europe and a hub from where many global companies coordinate their European or Central-European operations. It also offers a contact to other German speaking countries such as Germany and Austria.

For more information, please contact:
Erno Launo, LATO Business Development
Cornelia Sebastian, Sebastian & Partner AG,,

LATO for Windows Phone Released

June 10, 2015

Manage and follow-up your strategy on the fly with your Windows Phone! LATO proudly announces LATO Mobile App availability in Windows Phone Store.

WP version is introduced with same functional scope as earlier released iOS and Android versions. Experience real time news feed about latest proceedings, updates and discussion at your strategic agenda. Simply feel to be a concrete part of the bigger picture, strategy and business plan execution. Execute and manage your pieces of strategy through own, team and organization goals and actions. Swipe from goals directly to your own or your team members’ action list. Follow-up and check goals and actions and update them on the fly.

Experience the new, easy and comfortable strategy execution user experience through LATO Strategy Tool mobile extension. More info of LATO Windows Phone.